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At Ellison Wonderland, with the great Harlan Ellison
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With author Joe Hill
Leonard Maltin, Zorro fan
The amazing stunt man, our friend, Vic Armstrong
The 30th Anniversary screening of RAIDERS
Apollo 13 astronaut Fred Haise and author Andy Chaikin
Hellboy creator, Mike Mignola
Publisher and Turtles drummer Joe Stefko
Radiator Springs, or just RDS’s personal trash can?
At the radio desk of a B17 Flying Fortress
With original P-40 Tomahawk “Flying Tiger”
Doc Holliday’s personal bag
Erin and I with the amazing Lein Wein
In Zane Grey’s original writing office on Catalina Island
On a panel with William F. Nolan, creator of Logan’s Run, and other terrific writers
On the set of the now-defunct television show, CROSSING JORDAN.
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