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Praise for the work of Richard Dean Starr
“Wildly Imaginative” - Elmer Kelton, New York Times bestselling author of Texas Sunrise and Many A   River “Top Notch” - Ed Gorman, New York Times bestselling author of Frankenstein: City of Night   (with Dean Koontz) and Bad Moon Rising, the latest in the acclaimed Sam   McCain mystery series. “Richard Dean Starr delivers” - Mike Kearby, author The Taken and Dead Man’s Saddle “Like a golden thread worked into a rich tapestry, Richard Dean Starr has written a strong story, populated by compelling characters--fictional and authentic, and beautifully illustrated by powerful, visual writing” - Robert Vaughan, New York Times bestselling author of The Power and the   Pride and When Hell Comes to Texas “...the best of the of the recent (Sherlock) Holmes/Aleister Crowley crossovers” - David Brzeski, The British Fantasy Society “An entertaining blend of action and allegory” - John D. Nesbitt, acclaimed author of Gather My Horses and Two Novellas “You couldn’t ask for better” - Joe R. Lansdale, award-winning author of Bubba Ho-Tep, Steampunked and All   the Earth, Thrown to the Sky “The story gallops right along, and I enjoyed every word.  You will, too” - Richard S. Wheeler, bestselling author of Easy Street and The Richest Hill on   Earth “Rich, evocative, and imaginative” - Nancy Holder, Los Angeles Times bestselling author of Buffy: The Vampire   Slayer, Hot Blooded, and On Fire: A Teen Wolf Novel “Cinch up and hang on tight” - Jeffrey J. Mariotte, Scribe award-winning author of Missing White Girl, Season   of the Wolf and Star Trek: Folded World
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